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        What to be referred in design standard of SEW gearmotors
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        In the design of SEW reducer, we will not only know some data can be referred, but also know how these referred data is required. It is like lubrication system of gear motors designed by us, a certain data must be referred. So next we will talk about what to be referred in design standard of SEW gearmotors:
        1.Motor type, specification, speed, power, starting characteristics, short-term overload, speed inertia etc
        2.Machine type, specification, use, speed, power, work system: constant load or variable load, diagram for variable load, starting, braking and short-term overload torque, starting frequency, shocking and vibrating levels, rotating direction etc.
        3.Connection mode between original machine and reducer, there will be shaft radial force and axial force or not?
        4.Mounting position
        5.Ratio and permissible tolerance
        6.Size and weight required
        7.Operation and control required
        8.Material, blanks, standard parts sources and inventory
        9.Service life, safety degree and reliability required
        10.Environmental conditions like environmental temperature, dust concentration, air-flow speed and PH values; lubrication and cooling conditions; limited to vibration and noise