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        The process and technical parameter required by reducers tailored
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            It is well known that NORD reducer is a famous German brand, so it is of strong advantage in service performance and service life. These are derived from knowledge and technical application of brand product to reducers. There are a lot of gear units which can be tailored. So NORD reducer is to be shared with you: the process and technical parameter required by tailored reducer in design:
           1) Reducer type and mounting position selected
           2) Every process and parameters selected initially; performance level selected; initial selection of gear and main parts materials, heat treatment process, precise process methods, lubrication and lubricants.
           3) Drive stages determined. Transmission ratio and every stage ratio to be determined according to general ratio.
           4) Initial geometry. Initial calculation of center distance of gear(pitch circle diameter), modulus and other geometric parameters
           5) Overall solution design. Reducer structure, size of shaft, span and bearing model etc determined
           6) Calibration. Calibrating intensity of main load parts like gear, shaft, keys etc, calculating bearing life
           7) Depth of carbonized gears determined. Process data to be counted like gear and gear-direction -modification etc if necessary