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        To read how SEW inverter suppress DC voltage fluctuation
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            MCV41A is also one of SEW inverter series products. We learned before about the conversion type of main circuit current of SEW inverter. Today we will continue to learn about how SEW inverter suppress DC voltage fluctuation. So you will know how it work when using SEW inverter.
            SEW inverter flat-wave circuit, in the DC voltage after rectifier, SEW inverter will include pulse voltage six-times frequency than power. In addition, pulse current generated by inverter also change DC voltage. In order to suppress the voltage fluctuations, inductor and capacitor is used to absorb pulse voltage. When there is small capacity in SEW inverter device, if there is margin for power supply and main circuit device, inductor can be saved in SEW inverter to use simple flat-wave circuit.
            SEW inverter contrast with the rectifier, the inverter is to convert DC power into AC power of frequency required, to make sure 6 pieces of switch device used is in conduction in the regulated time, SEW inverter turn off to get 3-phase AC output.    SEW inverter take the voltage inverter for example, switch time and voltage waveforms.
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        Pre:The process and technical parameter required by reducers tailored   Nex:Operational control and comparison to signals in SEW inverter control circuit
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