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        Operational control and comparison to signals in SEW inverter control circuit
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            SEW inverter MC07B, as a new type SEW product, will meet every indicators required by performance technology. Although we talked about how SEW inverter suppress DC voltage fluctuation, we still have further understanding in SEW inverter control circuit. So next we are going to learn about operational control and comparison to signal in SEW inverter control circuit.
            SEW inverter control circuit is the loop circuit of control signal provided by the main circuit board which supply power to asynchronous motor. It consists of: frequency, voltage operation circuit, voltage and current check circuit of main circuit, speed detection circuit of motor, drive circuit for amplifying control signal of operation circuit, protection circuit of inverter and motor. Operation circuit: SEW inverter will compare directive of external speed and torque with current, voltage signal of circuit in operation, to decide output voltage and frequency of inverter.
            Voltage, current detection circuit: SEW inverter and potential isolation detection of main circuit voltage, current etc. Drive circuit: circuit of main circuit device SEW inverter drive, which is isolated from the control circuit to turn off / on the main circuit components. Speed detection circuit of SEW inverter can be installed in asynchronous motor for speed detection.